Working to ensure trust lands remain an endowment for today’s and future generations of schoolchildren as intended since the founding of our country.


Our Mission

      School trust lands were granted to states at the time of statehood for the sole purpose of generating revenue in perpetuity for public education.

      Advocates for School Trust Lands helps states honor their historic commitment to optimize revenues from school trust lands and manage their permanent funds as an ever-growing, sustainable source of education funding.

      We are parents, educators, school board members, state land commissioners, productive land users and others working to ensure a robust endowment for the benefit of today’s schoolchildren and all future generations, as intended since the founding of our country.

How do School Trust Lands support education?

Trust lands are intended to be used productively to maximize revenue for public schools. In most states, the revenue generated is deposited into the state permanent fund and the earnings then distributed to schools.

States have the responsibility as legal trustees to maximize revenues and ensure permanent funds are properly managed for current and all future generations of schoolchildren.


Advocates For School Trust Lands is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 corporation organized under the laws of the State of Utah in 2000. It is funded by grants from the United States Department of Education and donations from corporations, individuals, educational organizations, and those who generate the revenue for schools.